17-minSmile design at the leading dental clinic in Cyprus, Kyrenia Dental Clinic, is a plan to recreate your ideal smile by combining your personal wishes with health, naturalness and function.

Aesthetic dentistry is rapidly developing all over the world and it has become an important part of dentistry as advanced information is progressing every day.

If you say yes to one or more of the following questions, then you need an aesthetic dentist:

  • Did you want to have someone else’s smile?
  • Do you try not to show your teeth while you are laughing, or are you closing your mouth with your hands?
  • Are you avoiding smiling while you take a picture?
  • Is there anything that annoys you in your smile?
  • When your mouth is laid openly, does your upper lip go up so much as to show your gums?
  • Do you think that the treatments (fillings, stones, etc.) done on your teeth are different from your natural teeth (color, form, etc.)?
  • Do you want your teeth to be whiter?
  • Are there irregularities and / or irregularities in your teeth?
  • Do you have gaps between your teeth?
  • Do you have a lot of fillings or fractures in your front teeth?
  • Are there disturbing levels and size differences between your front teeth?

Why Does Your Smile Change Over Time?

Age. You may notice that your face has changed a lot, even though you have not felt old, your appearance ages. If you look diligently, you will see that your teeth are darker than your youth and they lose their radiance. Cigarettes, tea, coffee, red wine, and sometimes the erosion of the enamel layer you have been using for many years cause your smile to become discolored and fade with the years. If this is the only problem, you can make impressive changes with a simple bleaching process. However, it is often not enough to just whiten your teeth. Composite bonding, porcelain veneers and crowns make laughing completely ideal.

Another problem encountered as the head progresses is that the nose and the jaw approach each other, that is, the lower one third of the face is shortened. The lower third of the face is supported by soft tissues, jawbone and teeth. When you close your teeth (especially the back teeth), the height of the neck is very important for this support. Over the years, your jaw bones are examined, your teeth are worn, and this distance is shortened.

This causes the soft tissues that determine your smile not to be able to breed well enough. Wear in the teeth is very visible over the age of 40 and is very common. If there is a problem of squeezing and grinding, the teeth will shorten quickly and most of the time it will break. The teeth look very bad, they cannot perform their functions and in addition they start to have problems in the jaw joint. All of this makes the person older.

If such a problem arises, the solution is porcelain furnishings incorporating the crushing surfaces and porcelain laminate veneers in the front region. With these, both aesthetic and shortening of the teeth are achieved and the resulting loss of distance is corrected to bring the size to the lower 1/3 of the face.

Gender.  There are important differences between male and female laughs. These should be taken into consideration in the treatment to be applied. Male and female anatomy are different from each other. In men, facial contours are sharper and more pronounced. The nose, the jaw-tipped proportions differ from the female face. Passages in females are softer than soft nose and eyebrow belts. The teeth have the same parallelism.


The corners of the teeth turn softer;

The laughing line is curved upwards;

The two teeth in the middle are slightly longer than the teeth on the side;

There are tiny gaps between the corners of adjacent teeth.

In men:

Neighboring teeth join a more straight line;

The lines of teeth are more pronounced;

The laughing line is smoother.

The lips shape your smile and are very important. The formation of the lip edges up or down, obvious or faint, can completely change the expression. Ideal corrections to the lips with the problems that need to be corrected in the teeth and jaws.

Techniques Used in Smile Design

Porcelain Veneers. Thinly coated leaves on your teeth provide incredible changes. It is the most used technique in aesthetic dentistry. Because there is no or little substance in the tooth, it makes great changes. It is not possible to separate it from the natural tooth because it is a light-passing feature.

Teeth Whitening provides the whiteness and whiteness of your tooth’s natural color. It removes coloring from trauma, old age and various drugs.

Bonding (composite fill) Fills the void, repairs cracks, and covers color defects with advanced materials.

Porcelain crowns without metal support (coatings) For the purpose of improving appearance and health, they must be applied to very damaged or previously cut teeth.

Cosmetic Contouring (Cosmetic Contouring) In order to ensure that your teeth are seen properly and accurately, they are shaped with tiny abrasions.

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